Asciidoctor tips

As noted, the Asciidoctor User Manual should be your companion when authoring any AsciiDoc documents, including AsciiDoc documents under Metanorma.

There are some more specialised aspects of Asciidoctor markup, which you might need to dig deeper to find in the manual; we list some of them here.

Multi-paragraph footnotes

Asciidoctor supports only single-paragraph footnotes through its footnote macro (which can only contain a single line of text). This reflects a stylistic bias against digressive text by the Asciidoc creator, and probably will not change.

This can be worked around by introducing line breaks into the macro. See:

Complex notes and admonitions

A note or admonition can be made to span multiple paragraphs (including lists and tables) by making it a delimited block:

This is a multi-paragraph note.

It includes:

* A list

| And

| a table

Attribute references

Attribute references can be used as template variables in a document: if your document contains the text {foo}, you can assign the value to be populated in {foo} by setting it as a document attribute in the Asciidoctor header: :foo: this is the text to replace "foo".

In the AsciiISO Rice model sample document, document attributes are used to provide the Subcommittee and Technical Committee names, which are populated as template entries in the document foreword.

See also: Document attributes.

List items with complex contents

List items can contain other blocks in Asciidoctor through concatenating blocks; for example:

* List
| Contains | A table


However, output formatters (such as MS Word) may not be able to cope with embedding blocks within list items.

In particular, MS Word will force a carriage return between a list item, and a list or table contained in the item.

This means the output like follows, with the list number flush with the embedded block, is not possible in MS Word (though it is in HTML):

a)  1. Text
b)  |-------|------ |
    | table | table |
c)  Definition Term   Definition
    Definition Term   Definition