Output formats

This section supplements Output formats in general Metanorma documentation.

The following outputs are generated:

  • RFC XML v2

    • Metanorma doctype: rfc2

    • Metanorma file extension: xmlrfc (not xml!)

  • RFC XML v3

    • Metanorma doctype: rfc3

    • Metanorma file extension: xmlrfc (not xml!)

The “xml2rfc” Vocabulary (hereinafter “RFC XML”) is an XML-based language used for writing Internet-Drafts and RFCs (RFC7322).

Metanorma-IETF allows you to author these types of documents in AsciiDoc, and outputs RFC XML output in both v3 and v2 formats:

Metanorma-IETF validates all RFC XML generated through the RELAXNG schema definitions of RFC XML. While Metanorma attempts to generate valid RFC XML, some AsciiDoc markup may not align with the RFC XML document model, and any highlighted syntax errors will also need to be rectified in postediting, before processing the generated XML further.