Metanorma AsciiOGC samples

To check out Metanorma-OGC capabilities, take a look at the vCard Format Specification sample Metanorma project written in AsciiOGC.

Obtain sample source for the document(s) here.

You can use the sample as a starting point for authoring your own OGC documents with Metanorma. Refer to the repository for an overview of how the source is structured.

Building the sample

Clone the Metanorma-OGC repository and change into the directory with the example:

git clone

cd /spec/examples/

If you’re using Docker distribution of Metanorma, run the Docker container like this:

docker run \
    -v "$(pwd)":/metanorma/ \
    -w /metanorma ribose/metanorma \
    "metanorma --type ogc --extensions pdf,html rfc6350.adoc"

If you have Metanorma installed on your machine (not via Docker container), the command is simpler:

metanorma --type ogc --extensions pdf,html rfc6350.adoc

See Installation topic for the different ways of getting the Metanorma toolchain set up.