Using Metanorma-RSD

Document attributes


The document attributes listed below are unique to Metanorma’s processing of RSD documents.

For common document attributes, see Document attributes reference in general Metanorma author’s documentation. That page describes attributes that apply to all Metanorma flavors, not just RSD.

For an introduction to Metanorma AsciiDoc document attributes and how Metanorma uses them, see the corresponding topic.


Security level classification. For example, "confidential", "client confidential"


Intended recipient of document.


Mandatory. Document type (see RSD deliverables: The different types of RSD publications). Permitted types:

  • policy-and-procedures

  • best-practices

  • supporting-document

  • report

  • legal

  • directives

  • proposal

  • standard


Document status. Synonym: :docstage:. Permitted types: proposal, working-draft, committee-draft, draft-standard, final-draft, published, withdrawn


Mandatory. Name of relevant RSD committee


Mandatory. Type of relevant RSD committee. Could be technical or provisional

Markup features

  • [keyword]#...#: encodes keywords, such as "MUST", "MUST NOT". (Encoded as <span class="keyword">…​</span>.