Using Metanorma-RSD

Document attributes


Security level classification. For example, "confidential", "client confidential"


Mandatory. Document type (see RSD deliverables: The different types of RSD publications). Permitted types:

  • policy-and-procedures

  • best-practices

  • supporting-document

  • report

  • legal

  • directives

  • proposal

  • standard


Document status. Synonym: :docstage:. Permitted types: proposal, working-draft, committee-draft, draft-standard, final-draft, published, withdrawn


Mandatory. Name of relevant RSD committee


Mandatory. Type of relevant RSD committee. Could be technical or provisional

Markup features

  • [keyword]#...#: encodes keywords, such as "MUST", "MUST NOT". (Encoded as <span class="keyword">…​</span>.