Metanorma allows for documents to be authored in any language.

Localizing boilerplate text that appears in document output (labels such as "Table", "Foreword", boilerplate text for Normative References, etc.) for each language apart from English is done using a YAML template file.

Supported languages

Metanorma has predefined language templates for English, Chinese (Simplified) and French. The Chinese (Simplified) template localizes punctuation and spacing, mapping them away from the default Latin punctuation used normally in Metanorma.

Adding a language

You can add a new language by creating a YAML template file with boilerplate text. Document authors will need to link to that file via :i18nyaml: document attribute (see Langauges in Author’s documentation).

See sample YAML file for English, where "Foreword" is replaced with "Frontispiece", under metanorma-iso repository’s examples directory.


A good way to start is to take that sample template and customize it for your language.